Mini Web Design Services


Get Your Website Going… Without The Technical Overwhelm

You need to get a website going but you don’t quite have the budget to invest in something like my Full Web Design Services.

You also don’t want to spend the time scouring Youtube or trying to fumble your way through the tech mumbo jumbo of putting a website together – between WordPress, the plugins and themes it can all be a bit overwhelming.

If this is you I’ve got the perfect solution – introducing my Mini Web Design Services! These are meant to get your online presence up and running QUICKLY so you can focus on what matters in your business and give you some peace of mind when it comes to your website.

I build all my clients sites using WordPress. I love and specialize in the Genesis framework and Genesis Child Themes, so that’s what we’ll be working with as we put your site together.

With these services, you have the option of me installing and configuring a Genesis child theme of your choice from any of the following Genesis developers:


Restored 316 Designs

Pretty Darn Cute Designs

Web Savvy Marketing

Shay Bocks

*Requires purchase of web hosting, Genesis Framework and Genesis Child Theme of your choice prior to service sign-up.

P.S. Keeping it real and letting you know: I’ve got a few affiliate links here, which means I get a commission if you chose to make a purchase through the links on this page – at zero cost to you! Bonus love points will be sent your way immediately! Read here for more info.