Congratulations! You’ve decided to take the very bold and wise decision to build your online presence using WordPress! Yaay!

Welcome to my world! (**insert evil laugh.***) Just so you know, I am a WordPress Nerd, Geek, Goddess….call it what you want I totally love WordPress as a platform to build your website and online business.

Allow me the pleasure of showing you – step by step – How To Setup Your WordPress Website From Scratch. Oh, yeah!

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When it comes to WordPress, so many people feel confused, stressed out, frustrated and overwhelmed. My mission is to decrease your overwhelm and make WordPress as easy and as simple as possible. I promise you it doesn’t have to be so hard!

Some common questions that I’ve come across in getting started with WordPress:

-Where do I buy my domain?

-Which web host do I use?

-How do I setup WordPress on my website?

Look no further my friends, I’ve got the answers all lined out for you in the video below. If you don’t want to watch the video I’ve got some notes for you too!

Freebie Alert! This tutorial is part of my 7 Day Website Fix mini course, where I take you from Zero to Website In a Week.

How To Setup Your WordPress Website From Scratch in 25 Minutes


Quick & Dirty Summary of this video tutorial:

  • 0:58 – How To Buy Your domain name through
  • 7:04 – Purchase hosting at Siteground
  • 14:01 – Make Namecheap and Siteground talk to each other
  • 18:55  – Install WordPress on your website

Affiliate Disclosure: Keeping it real and letting you know – I’ve got a few affiliate links here, which means I get a commission if you chose to make a purchase through the links on this page – at zero cost to you! I only recommend things that I have personally tried AND I know will be beneficial to you, my lovely readers. Bonus love points will be sent your way immediately! Read here for more info.

Video Notes:

Step 1 – Buy Your Domain

0:58 – How To Buy Your Domain Name (  at

How To Setup Your WordPress Website in 25 Minutes

Why Namecheap?

  • Excellent customer service
  • Monthly coupons for a 10% discount code
  • Reasonably priced
  • No sneaky or spammy upsells than make you feel like you just got done talking to a used car salesman
  • Cheap domain privacy fees (like free for the first year and then less than $3/year!)

Step 2 – Buy Your Web Hosting

7:04 Purchase Web Hosting at Siteground

How To Setup Your WordPress Website From Scratch in 25 Minutes

Why Siteground?

  • Also excellent customer service
  • Faster website
  • Faster loading time
  • Strong emphasis on security
  • Was specifically built for WordPress websites
  • Free web host migration
  • Free website backups, so if the sh*t hits the fan with your website, you’re covered

Here’s a screenshot of their web hosting plans. They’ve got plans depending on where you are at in your business. I personally have the GoGeek plan…well, because I need the Geeky Advanced Features for client work, like the ability to make a clone of your website and make changes – without it affecting your new site!

But you don’t have to Go Geek like I did. The StartUP or the GrowBig package should be just fine for most people.

How To Setup Your WordPress Website From Scratch in 25 Minutes

Step 3 – Connect Namecheap and Siteground so everyone’s on the same page

14:01 – Point your Domain Name Server to Siteground

Ammm, what? Did I lose you? Hang tight, I PROMISE PROMISE PROMISE you’ll get what I’m talking about, and if you become a domain-buying junkie like myself you will SO appreciate this information 6 months to 1 year from now.

All we’re doing in this step is getting Namecheap (where you buy your domain) to talk to the  Siteground servers (where you buy your web hosting and where you are renting server space to store your website files and data) so that your website will load properly. We are telling Namecheap that we want to host our website with Siteground. See the screenshots below (or watch the video) to get the gist of what I’m talking about:

a. Once you’ve registered your account with Siteground, you’ll want to log into your control panel,aka your cPanel. You’ll want to do this to grab the Name Servers from Siteground so you can provide that information to Namecheap.

Be sure to click on the My Accounts tab and then Go to cPanel.


b. Grab your Name Servers



c. Log back into your Namecheap account. Click on the Dashboard or Domain List to bring up the domain you just purchased. From there, click on the ‘Manage’ button.


d. Scroll down to the Nameservers section, click on the arrow next to ‘Namecheap Basic DNS’ so it drops down, and click on ‘Custom DNS’.


e. Enter the nameservers from Siteground. For your reference those are:


Be sure to enter them on each seperate line, like I have in the picture below.



Step 4 – WordPress your Website, baby!

18:55 – How To Install WordPress

Now that we’ve got everyone talking to each other, it’s time to install WordPress on your website.

All you have to do is click on the WordPress button in your cPanel…

How To Setup Your WordPress Website From Scratch in 25 Minutes

And make magic happen!

Be sure that you click on the ‘Install’ tab and make sure the fields highlighted in yellow below are filled out appropriately. Everything else can be left as the default options.

Site Name: Name of your website

Site Description: Your tagline, website description or summary of what you do.

Username: choose a username to log into your website. You can use your email address if that’s easier for you to remember.

Password: use the password generator included, make up your own password or use a password management tool like 1Password, LastPass or Strong Password Generator. Use the Free Password Cheat Sheet included with this tutorial to record your password for future reference.


Click install, and you’re done – BOOM!

How To Setup Your WordPress Website From Scratch in 25 Minutes

You should see a congratulations message like the one below with a login link to your website.


And that’s it! Please tell me in the comments if this was helpful in getting your website up and running! That would soooo make my day!

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